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A toxic cocktail: the EU-Mercosur Deal

Limes reveal how European pesticides travel around the world (and back)

Report. A Toxic Cocktail. EU-Mercosur Deal.pdf

Report. A Toxic Cocktail. EU-Mercosur Deal.pdf

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Greenpeace ran pesticide contamination tests on Brazilian limes sold in supermarkets in eight EU countries. The limes, bought in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden, were examined in an accredited and certified laboratory. The study discovered a cocktail of pesticide residues on the limes, some of which are banned in the EU for being too poisonous.

Pesticides are produced in the EU, sold to Brazil, where they poison people and nature, and then return to Europe as residues on our food. This study assesses this "toxic cycle" that the planned EU-Mercosur trade agreement would significantly worsen if implemented.